Thursday, 26 January 2017

Thursday 26th Bye bye baby bye bye ..
Little miss mischief hid under the covers for the last time 1.30am thanks for 5yrs of joy XXX

Monday, 23 January 2017

Shop open Tuesday 24th 1-3 pop in and say hi πŸ˜ƒ

Gold frame I sprayed silver and dark glaze to bring out interest..

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sunday 22nd OPEN 1-4 today
What a grey day weather wise yesterday was not much better please come soon spring.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Workers having a group hug on my SALE sign.... πŸ˜‰

Couple of nice old art deco mirrors just in yet to clean them green glass around guess 1930s

Thick mirror glass the real deal ...

As I grow my wheat grass for slow juicing, de-hull my organic soya beans for my Tempeh and ready the incubator, check the pH and TDs of the hydroponic greens, grind my sprouted spelt grains for flour, mix my seitan, season my cast iron pans, mix the chick peas for a smooth humous, feed my sourdough starter, layout my tomatoes for dehydrating, soak my clay baker and put on my 25kg waistcoat and walk my 10,000 steps I can't help thinking it's a bit like the middle ages, and maybe we have gone full circle...
New path so noisy shop today!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017
This is the chap who we will look back on and say he started the revaluation... subscribe to Dr G channel

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A black cloud has been hanging over the home for a while now, one of our Ferret's (Baby) has cancer and she is slowly fading away, she's just a little bag of bones now :( she used to be so full and fluffy always a bit slow on the uptake but then would get into all sort of mischief, now

she gets up slow on wobbly legs and just manages to lay in the bag with the balls and play with them, she still eats and drinks but likes now just to cuddle, Mr Chubs her sister? :) wonders what's up! Whats happened to my playmate? Can see in her eyes and actions she's confused...
Bottom photo as she was big fluffy simba :)
On the subject of a good night's sleep and the problems with memory foam pillows and such like! I tried making a mattress with matching pillows.
 I wanted organic so plumped for French Linen the stuff you see at antique shops and as a filling Buckwheat husks..oh my! Felt good for a couple of months did need to strip the bed and get the mattress in shape quite often but all good until I found I was having breathing problems similar to but not the same as my X memory  foam pillow anyway seams the fine dust comes through the linen and the cotton pillow cases when I unpicked them the cases where dark brown from white (see photo) so back to starting over, trying rolled cotton towels in pillow cases which can be washed often! We will see..

Would sound like a cookery blog if I didn't keep posting pictures of my framed Mirrors so here's a few more..

Monday, 16 January 2017

Proofed the sour dough over nite will Knox back and leave for a couple of hours then Knox back again and pop in clay baker after rolling in the husky spelt...
The sour dough mother looking healthy find it lives better on strong wheat flour which I use 25% in my bread helps with the rise and my gut seams ok with it??? I hope..

Being a veggie/Vegan I do wear leather shoes :( and don't eat fish, dairy or eggs and of course Animals But! ... chocolate...
Layed split and cooked soya beans out on a cloth all night to dry, less messy than hair dryer and seams to be better, ie less messy and time consuming..
Put the magic mix in and popped the Tempeh to be in the home made incubator temp controller and air bubbler on ..
Wheat / Barley grass is up now and more seeds in jar to start off..
Went in the workshop late last nite and did a bit more cleaning/sawdust vacuuming lite the fire, "Which was nice"..

One of the daily jobs is to grind the spelt grains to make my bread fee fy foe fum, I use an old hand grinder...
I also have one for splitting the soya in half for the Tempeh
Cheap to buy and a good arm workout..
Funny I spend a load of time just prepping food and cooking it .. Making
Bread, Tempeh, Dehydrating things, Juicing etc..
I truly believe veg is best and no processed packaged or tins but can see how a busy mum would be looking in the freezer for tonights tea ...
It's cold and damp and the workshop is just not the happy place it should be at this time of the year, gota get some money earned so maybe tomorrow???

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Just a few photos of past wooden framed Mirrors...

6.29 a.m.
Slow start for the year back in the shop now fri & sun afternoon and all day sat ...
Sour dough bread working well in clay bakers but missing something without salt, got a large chunk of the Himalayan pink salt bought as a lamp? But found it wets it's self so have decided to start grinding a little off guess we need a little salt and as we do not eat any meat, eggs or dairy or anything processed in tins or package we probably ain't getting enough..
Tried to turn my tempeh as you would compost to get air in but looks like may have spoiled, trying to make it chunky without plastic bags the spores need air and not a lot of moisture, have succeeded but do like to keep moving the goal posts ... firm with lots of black on the outside just perfect, moist and ammonia smell not so good..